Resources for Parents and Youth

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Putting on the Oxygen Mask - How to Take Care of Yourself so You Can Take Care of Your Child - Anxiety and Dpression Association of America (ADAA)

American Psychological Association “Parenting In The Age of Covid 19" Offers helpful advice to parents and caregivers during the pandemic and beyond.


Dr. Erlanger “Earl” Turner on Facebook - a licensed psychologist and university professor who is a mental health and media expert, a contributor to NBC News, Washington Post, Bustle and Oprah Magazine. His page His Facebook page offers helpful advice to parents and caregivers during the pandemic and beyond.


MA Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition  Contains Covid related resources and links in Spanish. Coronavirus: Recursos en español.

NAMI Cape Cod Covid Survival Kit “Ways to make your life predictable, moderate and controllable (Covid PMC)  Tools for managing the Covid pandemic are provided in monthly updates, and will include websites, videos, and more.. 


The National Child Traumatic Stress Network Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope With The Corona Virus Disease” In English and Spanish.

“Staying mentally healthy during a pandemic” This is an article by Darryl Webster, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 11 strategies to stay calm, manage stress, overcome anxiety during the pandemic.


“Stay Home, Take Care” a Social Distancing package prepared by "Girls’ Night In”

Activities, ideas and recommendations to help you stay in, take care of yourself and others. It is updated daily. You can also sign up for their free newsletter.