Houses of Worship


Houses of Worship were permitted to open in Phase 1 and allowed to resume services as of May 18, however secondary services such as childcare shall remain closed. Outdoor services are still encouraged.


Congregations and places of worship are an integral part of the community and have an important role to play in controlling the spread of Covid-19, particularly among more vulnerable populations.


Infection control measures instituted by faith-based organizations and their leadership will help mitigate community transmission while allowing important community-led programs to resume operation.


Places of Worship are encouraged to utilize the Commonwealth’s Covid-19 Control Template as a tool to help ensure best-practices are followed.


Massachusetts Safety Standards for Places of Worship

Safety Standards and Checklist: Places of Worship                                                             

Places of Worship Protocols Summary

Sector Specific Workplace Safety Standards for Places of Worship and Religious Services 

Places of Worship Checklist


Other Guidance

& Resources

CDC Interim Guidance for Businesses & Employers

CDC Workplace Decision Tool 

CDC Guidance for Faith-Based Organizations

OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19